To all those who want to start blogging !

Yay ! Finally Set Going !

It’s been a while I wanted to start Blogging and today when I finally start it I feel the achievement. I know there are a plenty of people out there who want to start blogging, but are restraining themselves for some reason or other. Having gone through this phase for a long time now, I have decoded some tricks and tips that have helped me, and will help you, to start blogging.

1. Find a reason to start blogging !

You want to blog for a reason. The stronger your reason is the stronger will be your intent to start blogging. You will chip off time from your schedule and add a special “blogging” time to it.

When Kunal Nayyar, the famous Rajesh Koothrapalli of TBBT, was asked about his “memoir” he answered,

“Well…it’s more like a collection of essay than a memoir. I am too young to write a memoir. The book that I am writing is not really in any chronological order. I think I have had an interesting life. I have gone through various phases and have had interesting experiences. I studied in St Columbus, Delhi, and am now here. I have put myself through a lot.”

The same is the reason for me. I was a lonely guy who would love to be engrossed in books and not hang out with anyone. My mom beat the shit out of me when she got to know about my first crush. I faced failures at A-Levels and yet after all that today I am on my path to the United States of America. I have brought a change in myself that has opened up new vistas for me. And I believe that all that took place in my life will Be an inspiration to many people around the world. I want to share my experiences and consequently know about others’.

Find a reason and you will be set to blog.

2. Don’t look at he big picture just yet !

Marin Luther King Jr. said, “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” That stands true for everything. By trying to make the whole picture clear in front of you before you take your first step you are hindering yourself from doing the most important thing : STARTING. Once you start you’ll find more reasons that’ll keep you on your toes for new information to blog on.

I want my blog to be read and noticed. I want it to cool and fancy. I want a 1 contact widget. 7 drop down menus. And a place for uploading videos and images. Damn ! What a stupid thing to do. I had all these plans in my mind. But today I an doing nothing and posting up this simple topic with the hope that a few tens of readers like you read it and give a suggestion. I have started it and I know that with a single suggestion I receive I’ll put a new post keeping the suggestions in mind.

3. Take two hours for the first post !

Well begun is half done ! Not rally in blogging. When people know you’re a new blogger they keep that in mind while reading your posts. There will be a little immaturity in your writing ( like in mine ) and you’ll improve over time. Just keep going. When you make a WordPress account first, you’ll want to select the theme, upload a Gravatar and so on. You’ll get so engrossed in personalizing your blog that you’ll forget the real motive : Writing your first post. It’ll take some time for you to realize that you’ve spent enough portion of it on personalization and you should probably punch a post now. Take about 45 minute for adding effects and themes and five-quarter of hours for the post.

4. Design your post in your mind:

Ideas are born twice. Once in mind. Once in reality. Pre-Writing and Pre-Thinking is as necessary as drafting and posting. The reason from step number one will give you enough motivation for the first article. Say what you want to in your first post and let the creative juices flow. Write something you are confident about and you want to share. Don’t worry about the exact things you’re gonna write. A rough basic plan along with some unattended ideas should be fine.

So there you go. You’re all set to start your blog and have your say.

Find a reason, have faith in yourself,

take some time and you’ll be fine.

After you write your first blog don’t forget to link it in the comments section. After all we are the new one on the block !

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